Every gambler plays slots. Some might prefer table games but they still manage to fit in time for a few spins on the slots. So why are so many gamblers playing these casino games that are based on luck?

Slots are easy to play, whether you are playing in an online casino or a land based casino in Vegas. The principle is the same in both. You find a slot game to play, select the number of credits/coins you want to bet, and then you hit the spin button. Walla! The reels start spinning and then they finally come to a standstill. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. Slots are quick and they are easy to play.

Some casino gamblers would like to play other casino games like blackjack or roulette but they don’t understand those games and find them confusing to play.

Mary J. from Atlantic City told me “When table game players ask me what I play, I am embarrassed when I say I play slots”…

“I tell them I just don’t understand the table games and that’s why slots are my thing. The truth is I really do understand the table games because they aren’t that hard to understand. The casinos aren’t looking for brain surgeons to play the tables, are they? No. But I like slot machines because they give me the chance to do my own thing without other players around me and I also don’t like table games. But tell that to a table game player and they look at you as if you are nuts. So I make it look as if the table game player is so much smarter than me but of course he isn’t. But it does shut them up. I look at it as different strokes for different folks.”

Here’s a fact about online slot machines and land based slot machines… most slot players are females. More than 80% of female gamblers play slots. The reasons for this are unknown, but one can guess that it’s because it’s a more entertaining game with a more exciting outcome. Also some women don’t want to get approached by drunken men at the tables.