Crazy Slots casino always take it upon themselves to do something different for their players and this time it was for Easter and April 1, which was all fools day. To celebrate these two events, Crazy Slots had declared the launch of two new free roll online slot tournaments. According to them it is just the start of many excitements in April and the rest is yet to follow. The April fool online slots tournament was offering the players a prize pool of fifteen hundred dollars, but there was a twist attached to it, being April Fool’s day, the top prizes had been turned around.

The player on the fifth position would receive $350, while the player on the fourth position would get only $110. The player in third position would get hundred dollars, second position will provide the players with eighty dollars, and the player on the top position will receive $1.24, this holds good whenever they rebuy. The famous slot game ‘Vegas Party’ was used for the April Fools Tournament.

The Easter Week Long online tournament was a free roll event and the players were overjoyed to be offered huge prize money. The total prize money offered in this holiday tournament was $3,100 and the amount was shared out as loyalty points. The top player got $20,775, second prize winner got seven thousand dollars, and the prize winner got $3,328. While the fourth position player received three thousand dollars, the fifth position got $2,498.

Various video poker tournaments were also offered guaranteeing prize money worth $1,500 and this amount given to hundred players. The tournaments were played on video poker variant Deuces Wild. Crazy Slot ensured that players had a whale of time in early April and is planning for more entertainment during the month as well.